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If not, here they are: Challenges: Domestic abuse, alcoholic step-dad, little brother Fernando’s birth, family’s undocumented status, Effects: Author and his brother shared the mental strain, father was arrested, funds were tight, mom worked two jobs, brothers took care of one another, they kept to themselves when dealing with financial and medical issues, avoided going on certain school trips, at times author was discouraged from meeting new people, grades started to slip, Feelings: Confused yet Understanding, Anxious, Worried, Relieved, Alone, Lost, Vulnerable, Lonely, Disconnected, Alone, Heartbroken, Ashamed, Disillusioned, Needs: Order, Autonomy, Reassurance, Growth, Safety, Understanding, Empathy, Hope, Support, Self-Acceptance, What He Did About It: He took care of his youngest brother; became his own teacher; learned how to fix a bike, swim, socialize; found a job to help pay bills; improved his grades; broke a school swimming record; learned to play instruments; became the first student in his school to pass the AP Physics 1 exam;took a leadership role in clubs; and tutored and counseled friends and peers. 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29 October 2020
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Danish cMDF holds its 1st women makers’ meeting

Danish cMDF holds its 1st women makers’ meeting

On 7 October 2020, the Danish cMDF held another workshop activity, this time focusing on expanding the use-case demographic, by holding a women makers’ workshop. With a total of 14 attendees, the Danish cMDF partners presented the iPRODUCE project and discussed...

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