iPRODUCE, together with the INEDIT, DIY4U, and OPENNEXT projects, all funded under the DT-FOF-05-2019 topic, will participate in the Open Innovation Congress 2021, scheduled for next 28 June 2021.

iPRODUCE, represented by AIDIMME (as project coordinator), will deliver a presentation titled “iPRODUCE conceptualises collaborative manufacturing in the Social Manufacturing Framework“, framed within session 8 of the event titled “Open Innovation Ecosystem for collaborative co-creation“.

The objective of the session is to showcase the four EU projects’ examples of successful open innovation approaches. The session will be moderated by Maike Reimann (Steinbeis 2i gmbH), participating in the INEDIT project.

The agenda of the session is as follows:

  • OpenNext establishes a company community collaboration for Open Hardware (Mehera Hassan Ahmed Osman | Technische Universität Berlin, OPENNEXT)
  • iPRODUCE conceptualises collaborative manufacturing in the Social Manufacturing Framework (Manuel Sánchez de la Asunción, AIDIMME, iPRODUCE)
  • DIY4U personalises and customises Fast Moving Consumer Goods through an Open Innovation Digital Platform and Fablabs (Chandana Ratnayake, SINTEF, DIY4U)
  • INEDIT creates an Open Innovation community for co-design in furniture manufacturing (Laurent Dupont, Université de Lorraine, INEDIT)

Join us next 28 June 2021 by registering here, for free.