iPRODUCE partner CERTH will be organising next 4 June 2021 an online workshop titled ‘Digital Technologies in Education & Culture’.

The objectives of the workshop are to:

  • Raise awareness on DIY activities, and co-design and co-creation concepts;
  • Show how 3D printing & AR/VR experiences can enhance educational purposes: children can visualize and “touch” history and culture;
  • Reinforce stakeholders and students to get familiar with digital technologies and adopt them in real-life settings;
  • Present the digital tools developed by the iPRODUCE project on how they can support educational and cultural purposes;
  • Deliver an on-line demonstration and training on 3D printing technologies to students, teachers and parents.

Through this workshop, the orgninsers expect to contribute to the raising of stakeholders’ awareness on digital tools and digital manufacturing by promoting the concept of co-design and initiating co-creation activities; to enhance the educational and cultural heritage fields by incorporating 3D printing and AR/VR technologies; and to Increase the impact of dissemination activities in order to promote the achievements of iPRODUCE project and seek additional exploitation opportunities.

The event is targeted to schools (e.g. high school, middle School and fifth & sixth grades of elementary schools); teachers/educators; parents and guardians associations; and local stakeholders related to educational and cultural field.