Environmental perspective in life cycle management 


Component owner: AIDIMME, MATERALIA, IRT M2P

Environmental guides support green design and production according circular economy model. The guides offer the user a general perspective of the environmental area they cover, with examples and suggestions on how to use the guide and steps to implement the process or methodology proposed.

Find below the following six interconnected guides:

Green production guideline

Introduction to environmental management tools and strategies to improve the environmental life cycle performance of products and services.

Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) Guideline

Quantitative and complete environmental assessment tool to processes or services, on their whole life cycle to support eco-design, eco-labelling, etc.

Ecodesign Guideline

Innovative design process for services or products to prevent their potential life cycle environmental impact.

Additive Manufacturing Guideline

This manufacturing process allows for greater flexibility and customisation in design, faster prototyping, and reduced waste compared to traditional manufacturing techniques.

Material Flow Analisys (MFA) Guideline

Systematic assessment of the flows and stocks of materials by quantifying and connecting the sources, pathways and sinks within a system defined in space and time.

Industrial Symbiosis Guideline

How to establish synergies between industries to detect common services and underused resources that could be used as raw materials in industries in another sector to re-enter the value chain.