iPRODUCE partner CBS, in the person of Isabel Fróes, has published an interesting feature news piece about the iPRODUCE project on the “Business of Society”, hosted by Copenhagen Business School’s Department of Management, Society and Communication.

The piece, titled “Innovating Under Pressure – Grassroots’ social and distributed manufacturing during the pandemic” provides a review of the iPRODUCE project and efforts made during the ongoing pandemic, particularly focusing on how the ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) movement played (and continues to play) a pivotal role in this crisis.

We leave you with an excerpt of the feature, and welcome you to read it in full here.

The sudden changes and lockdowns across the world led by Covid-19 sparked many initiatives and innovation in various fields. (…) The ‘Do it yourself’ (DIY) movement, assisted by makerspaces and fablabs, offers opportunities for real exchange towards solutions to inform the development of many products through an open platform, to not only support, but also to expand these processes and broaden their reach across society. During the onset of the pandemic, when the project was only in its third month, while project activities required adjustments and re-planning, the fablabs and makerspaces in the distinct locations became important resources for local manufacturing facilities, closing a gap of problems related to international supply chain production and distribution regarding protective medical gear.

21 January 2021
Samuel Almeida
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