Energy@Work is an innovative non-profit start-up organisation founded in 2014 thanks to a public funding of €1,250,000 provided by the italian Minister of University, Education and Research. It is located in Monopoli, Apulia, Italy. The main objectives of Energy@Work are the exploitation of researchers’ activities, protecting national young excellences in research, and promoting technological research and innovation in its own territory and abroad. The scope of Energy@Work is to fill the existing gap between applied and industrial research, supporting partners during the development of high technological products or services, disseminating and validating results, promoting partnerships between public and private entities.

The members of E@W show off a wide and substantial experience in energy efficiency, ICT, automation and control, development of AI control algorithms able to interact with the field through multiprotocol interfaces enabling compliance with most of BMS and utilities. Their expertise ranges from the optimisation of energy consumptions in complex buildings through automated synergic management of HVAC, lighting, renewable and storage systems, to Demand Response forecast, profiling and segmentation and from solution to increase interoperability of the energy management systems with main building control and automation standards and proprietary protocols, to the development of gateways to enable the communication and control of legacy energy consuming and/or storing appliances.