F6S Network Limited is an Irish entity (SME) that is the largest social network for Startups in the World. With over 3,000,000 profiles for the Startup/ SME community and more than 1,100,000 Startups, it currently supports the majority of the Startup/ SME ecosystem through deal flow/ applications, jobs listings, free services, communication forms, technology transfer infrastructure & other areas.

F6S is the leading platform for application management for commercial, corporate, government, university and other accelerator programs, helping more than 17.000 such initiatives worldwide. Every year F6S processes more than 700,000 applications and delivers about €2 billion to startups/SMEs per year! F6S is best experienced in creating an effective recruitment campaign, targeting the right SMEs/Startups, disseminating the open call far and wide and managing the selection process of the applicants.

F6S is home to over a million tech founders, startups and has the resources and network to connect widely with accelerators, funds and investors and enable exposure and awareness on open innovation schemes and project’s results. F6S has also experience in managing and implementing FP7 and H2020 project in entrepreneurship, investment readiness and other more specific areas.