LAGRAMA began its activity in 1982 and, since its foundation, has given its designs a strong distinctive character that has allowed it to stand out as a company with a solid identity in its products.

LAGRAMA is a Spanish specialist in furniture and living room furniture and manufactures all products to furnish both rooms: cabinets, beds, bunk beds, desks, containers, shelves, etc. Lagrama has a network of commercial agents in Spain, Italy, France, Portugal, Russia and Switzerland. Customers in Israel, Turkey, Greece, Germany, Czech Republic, etc. The youth furniture market in Spain is estimated at € 300 million.

At the moment LAGRAMA is focused on five lines of products: youth bedrooms, wardrobes, bedrooms, sitting rooms and fold-down bed systems. It has a utility model on a motorized system for fold-down systems that it is implementing and has already been launched in the market, being a pioneer in this field. Lagrama has a showroom in its production plant where its clients can appreciate the quality of the products before being distributed among the shops.



The company is interested in using the iPRODUCE solutions for collaborative product engineering inside the Spanish cMDF to fulfil their demands and enlarging their capabilities.

LAGRAMA, as a furniture manufacturer, will act as an end-user specifying the requirements for Co-creation and Open innovation for setting up local collaborative processes in new product development, jointly with AIDIMME and VLC FabLab.

LAGRAMA will be actively involved in the validation and demonstration of the use cases testing, all developed solutions and contribution to the federated network of cMDFs and assessment.