White Research (WR) is a social research SME specialised in consumer behaviour, market analysis, and innovation management in key sectors including Energy, Health, Transport, Circular and Smart Cities as well as in other related sectors and sub-fields. The company addresses business strategy, policy, market and user-related issues through an array of diverse analytic tools. More specifically, WR mines and interprets hard-to-grasp consumer insights through a combination of modern analytics and marketing research and evaluation methods.

WR specialises in the design and implementation of stakeholder engagement strategies. The company follows a structured approach to mapping, benchmarking and clustering stakeholder groups for effectively reaching out to targeted and general audiences through tailored engagement strategies. Moreover, WR possesses valuable know-how and expertise in offering business support and innovation management services, with a keen eye on social innovation and entrepreneurship.

WR employs business modelling and planning, market analysis and risk analysis techniques to support the commercial exploitation and market uptake of research results and innovations. Through its core staff, WR has access to wide-ranging expertise and significant experience in translating multi-source asymmetric information and complicated analytics into realistic policy and business recommendations, thus enabling a hybrid Marketing Research – Management Consulting model.

WR staff hold extensive experience in the participation in EU-funded research projects since they have been involved in more than 35 EU-funded projects over the last 15 years acting as Coordinators, Dissemination Managers, Innovation and Exploitation Managers, Advisors and Certified Trainers in the field. In addition, they have been involved in designing and implementing multiple stakeholder engagement campaigns and international dissemination campaigns, and as such, retain strong linkages to several EU-related networks, including industry and civil society groups.

White Research and iPRODUCE

Since WR already applies social innovation, community engagement, and innovation management principles in various sectors of the urban setting, it leverages its existing experience so as to ensure the maximum impact and outreach of the iPRODUCE activities and results.

In iPRODUCE, WR contributes to the “Makers and consumer communities’ engagement” activities, while also being involved in mapping users’ and stakeholders’ needs, in order to incentivise and motivate them.