Abstract: The iPRODUCE Content Marketing and Growth Hacking Playbook is a living document that details the strategy for generation of awareness and outreach through communication and marketing of project content, growth of the project and its target groups through development and absorption of knowledge, and the dissemination of results. The deliverable describes the iPRODUCE main target groups; channels, tools and activities for implementing the strategy; role of partners; timeline; and how the consortium will monitor and assess the impact of its efforts. This deliverable will be updated continuously.
March 2020
Lead: F6S

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Spanish cMDF iPRODUCE video

iPRODUCE's Spanish cMDF developed a video which premiered at the AIDIMME organised HÁBITAT Congress.  The video addresses the following questions: What is iPRODUCE? What is a cMDF (collaborative manufacturing demonstration facility)? How does the Spanish cMDF work?...

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