iPRODUCE’s Spanish cMDF developed a video which premiered at the AIDIMME organised HÁBITAT Congress

The video addresses the following questions:

  • What is iPRODUCE?
  • What is a cMDF (collaborative manufacturing demonstration facility)?
  • How does the Spanish cMDF work?
  • What does iPRODUCE offer to companies?
  • What does iPRODUCE offer to the home furnishing sector?

27 October 2020

More in Resources & Results

D10.4 | Report on Cooperation Activities

Abstract: This deliverable is a report on the cooperation activities carried out within iPRODUCE between M1 (January) and M12 (December 2020). The cooperation activities are presented from two perspectives: the cooperation activities carried out are addressed from two...

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D2.6 | iPRODUCE Social Manufacturing Vision and Reference Model

Abstract: The objective of this deliverable is to elaborate on and integrate the results provided by iPRODUCE deliverables D2.1, D2.3, D2.4 and from Task 2.4 “Defining the Local Collaborative MDFs, Use-Cases, Innovation Challenges and KPIs” into a holistic visionary...

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