On 29 November 2020, the Danish cMDF held its second women maker workshop, this time with a full day dedicated to presenting iPRODUCE, and getting hands on with digital fabrication and experimentation,
amplifying the understanding about making and related tools. Most importantly, the workshop contributed to reaching out to establish a collaborative interdisciplinary and diverse maker network.

The workshop counted with the presentation of Vanessa Carpenter, a maker and CEO of Kintsugi Design, a Danish SME focusing on design and technology.

During the presentation, a total of 16 participants were introduced to the capabilities and qualities of the various machines available at betaFACTORY, besides also learning about other technologies, such as digital
prototyping hardware tools. Following the presentations, participants were able to get up and close with the machines, producing a feel ornaments and getting a hand with basic electronics understanding, through
building paper circuits. The participants’ background varied greatly, including finance, science, photography, design and architecture, among others.

Around a third of the participants were first time attendees, while for the others this was their second meeting, showing a clear interest in forming an active community, who can function as one of the stakeholder groups helping develop the future iPRODUCE ambassadors’ programme.

4 December 2020
Samuel Almeida
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