Hábitat Fair – “International Furniture & Lighting Fair” took place at the Feria Valencia between 20 and 23 September 2022

Attendees at the fair were mainly production managers from furniture manufacturing companies that presented their new products and developments to national agents and sales points, as well as to international buyers.

In this sense, the participation of iPRODUCE was a great opportunity for the project to create awareness about its tools and the OpIS platform. It was also an opportunity for the Spanish cMDF toshowcase its activities in the project.

AIDIMME was present with its own physical space at the fair and presented the iPRODUCE tools and the outcomes of two use cases, resulting from a co-working process with Lagrama and Oceano Naranja. Maria José Núñez (AIDIMME representative) had the chance to make a speech in the central part of the Fair explaining the value and potential of iPRODUCE and talked about the Spanish use cases. More than 100 people, including product designers and students from Schools of Art were invited to come to the AIDIMME´s booth and to see the presented prototypes.


The Hábitat Fair was also used to organise the award ceremony for the winner and finalists of the Spanish cMDF open competition INNOVAMOBEL. The award ceremony was held at AIDIMME’s stand and attended by the media.


To know more about the Hábitat Fair organisation, please check out our previous article.


28 October 2022
Samuel Almeida
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