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The iPRODUCE hackathon will be a 3-day hybrid event and competition held locally at each cMDF location (France, Germany, Greece, Italy, and Spain) as well as fully online.

The event will run from 20th April, 9h00 CEST until 22nd of April, 14h30 CEST.

Participants can join individually or in teams of up to 3 people.

The main objective of this competition is to contribute to the validation of the iPRODUCE OpIS platform and respective tools while allowing for creative ideas and innovative solutions to be explored and implemented following the principles of open and collaborative innovation.

The challenge of the hackathon will be for the participants to develop a product idea by creating their own user journey while using as many of the OpIS tools as possible to develop their product. Participants can develop any type of idea/ solution, focusing on any type of sector, regardless of being physically at a cMDF or being fully online.

Six participants/teams will be awarded: one at each cMDF location and one from the online participation group.

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8 March 2023
Samuel Almeida
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Online iPRODUCE Hackathon results

Online iPRODUCE Hackathon results

The iPRODUCE Hackathon ran from Thursday 20 April - Saturday 22 April 2023 and took place at locations of the project’s five cMDF as well as fully online. Today we focus on the activities and winners of the online participants. The online teams participated in the...

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