AIDIMME is the metal-processing, wood, furniture and packaging technology institute. It is also a non-for-profit association whose aim is to foster the competitiveness of its manufacturing SMEs through research and innovation activities.

Its key competencies are in:

  • additive manufacturing;
  • product development and optimization, industry 4.0, information and communication technologies;
  • process management, sustainability and circular economy;
  • advanced materials and products; modified surfaces; material’s toxicity; biomaterials;
  • packaging systems and
  • socio-economic research and testing laboratories.

AIDIMME has a large experience in project coordination at regional, national and international levels. In 2017, had more than 700 associated companies, 1,300 customer companies that received more than 5,400 different services (lab tests, advanced services, ad-hoc research, courses), and participated in 48 research projects.

The Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Research Group leads an initiative called funStep around the development of an ISO standard called 10303-236 “Industrial automation systems and integration – Product data representation and exchange – Part 236: Application Protocol: Furniture catalogue and interior design”, developed by the funStep partnership involving industry consultation and discussions with research experts. The IT department mainly works on open-source solutions for solving interoperability problems for data product exchange between manufacturers and suppliers/ retailers due to the complexity of product variability and variability of applications.

The Processes Technologies Group is working on the use of intelligent agent-based software to detect behaviour patterns and performing actions based on such conclusions. Currently, it is being applied to domestic environments in which embedded sensors are installed in furniture.

AIDIMME has research experience and knowledge in making furniture intelligent according to human behaviour. Other research lines of the group consist of the assessment of the application of reconfigurable manufacturing systems in traditional manufacturing industries, using configurable robotic manufacturing cells based on each product family.

AIDIMME has knowledge and experience about information and production systems used in furniture and metal manufacturing SMEs, as well as experience in integration and interoperability between heterogeneous systems, data, processes and system modelling. There are experts on Home Automation “sensoring” furniture for detecting behaviours of the consumers in order to prevent accidents or alerting about different issues at home.


The ICT group together with the Processes Technologies Group participate in iPRODUCE, where they are part of the Spanish cMDF, jointly with LAGRAMA and OCEANO NARANJA, adopting new ways for collaborative engineering in customer-driven home furnishing product development. AIDIMME will validate all the developed solutions testing with real end-users (makers, fablabs, consumers and manufacturers) giving valuable feedback to the technical developers. At the end of the project, some real prototypes of the three use cases will be produced, as a result of the use of the iPRODUCE Open Innovation Space.