AidPlex GP is a MedTech startup based in Greece. It was founded in 2018 and is located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The mission of AidPlex is to design and manufacture patient-centered orthopaedic products, providing patients with a better and more eco-friendly treatment experience. AidPlex’s vision is to integrate biometric sensors into daily life products and connect them to the Internet of Things (IoT).

AidPlex’s products aim to provide advanced monitoring of vital indicators as well as daily activities. IoT plays an increasingly important role in the Medical Sector, leveraging data sourcing and analysis aiming at more personalised treatment practices. AidPlex was founded with the aim of offering advanced orthopaedics solutions powered by new advanced materials fitted with sensors and communications modules for the IoT era. AidPlex has participated successfully in a number of Entrepreneurial and Academic competitions.

The company has recently achieved and is expecting short-term to achieve significant clinical and commercial milestones. For the past two years, AidPlex won National & EC Grants & several startup competitions (MIT Enterprise Forum Greece and many other national competitions). Until now, AidPlex has developed two patent-pending medical devices, which are projected to enter the EU market by 2022.

Aidplex and iPRODUCE

AidPlex as an iProduce partner and core member of the Greek cMDF, is responsible for finding members (makers, SMEs & ambassadors) to join and organizing them to reach iProduce milestones. In addition, AidPlex will assist new local ecosystem users to use the platform and find the best possible partner for their project.

AidPlex, through the collaborative process, will research and develop, prototype, and produce alongside core partners 4 products. Each product/use case will test, give feedback, and use the iProduce toolkit. Those products could help patients regarding their fractures (Splint for kids & pets), spine(3d printed back brace. with IoT sensors), and protection from Covid-19(Custom-made face shields)(Medical Sector). Furthermore, AidPlex is contributing to the dissemination of iProduce in Greece.