Materalia is a French competitiveness cluster leader for cooperative innovation in materials and processes founded in 2005. Materalia fosters and builds up collaborative and innovative projects bringing together companies, laboratories and higher education. It is based on the industrial and scientific skills of its members in materials and processes. Materalia focuses on the industrial markets of automotive, aeronautics, medical and energy and works on the challenges posed by the materials of tomorrow: greater efficiency, lighter materials, functionalities and sustainable development, and additive manufacturing. Materalia supports 12 national projects in the Region Grand Est that deal with additive manufacturing (four in the field of aeronautics, three in automotive and two in the medical field) and one European project.

Materalia and iPRODUCE

In the iPRODUCE project, Materalia’s mission is to federate the actors of its ecosystem around the project by promoting it, and also aims to find partners to enrich the solution providers as well as the potential users.

They also have a technical side in the definition of the pilots by structuring the different use cases and by creating a directory of the equipment and services available within each of the cMDFs.

Within the French cMDF their role is to detect projects, to take them to the iPRODUCE platform where they will be processed by their ecosystem. They also offer project support by accompanying project leaders in their search for funding and public grants.