Oceano Naranja is a Fab Lab (Fab Lab VLC) with more than 20 years of specialisation in the production of models and prototypes. It has a digital creation and manufacturing space in the Alboraya industrial estate where almost anything can be done. FabLab VLC Océano Naranja continuously adapts new technologies (CNC machines as laser cutters, engravers, 3D printers, etc.) and is certificated as an official FabLab by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

Fab Lab VLC Océano Naranja was founded as a limited company in 2005 by Mario de Alfonso Ballester, a maquettist and designer with over 25 years of experience. Océan Naranja has continuously adapted to new technologies and is today a modern company that makes permanent endeavours to improve the quality of its projects by bringing into its technical team all of the new developments in mechanical and/or computerised tools that appear on the market.

Océano Naranja is working hard to become an inseparable part of the museography of Spain and is being rewarded through many commissions in the sector and the large number of maquettes that the company has specifically designed and produced for museums and exhibitions. Witnesses to this are the contracts with General de Producciones y Diseño, Lunatus, Ypuntoending and Expociencia, among other museology-museography companies contacts.

Since 2017 it has been certified as a FabLab and in addition to continuing with its commercial activity as a company, it has opened its doors to the “Do it yourself” DIY world, with its digital production machines and the assistance of its technicians to students, designers and architects.

FabLab VLC Océano Naranja has machinery and resources to mechanize, assemble and finish prototypes, promoting the Do it Yourself (and Do it Together) philosophy and the maker culture, in order to reduce costs, share spaces, collaborate in projects and intervene in regulated and non-regulated training.

Océano Naranja and iPRODUCE

In iPRODUCE, Océano Naranja is a part of the Spanish cMDF, jointly with LAGRAMA and AIDIMME, adopting new ways for collaborative engineering in customer-driven home furnishing product development. As a result of the use of the iPRODUCE Open Innovation Space and being a Fablab they will develop the real prototypes at a 1/1 scale of the three different use cases.