The Danish cMDF has been active in its stakeholder engagement activities in the first months of 2021, and has recently organised its 3rd and 4th Women Makers workshops.

On 28 February 2021, the Danish cMDF held its third workshop, this time online to keep everyone safe, and managed to make the most of the event by organising prototyping sessions at home! The event focused on FemTech and started with a thorough presentation by Vanessa Carpenter from Kintsugi Design, providing an overview of FemTech from a hardware perspective, followed by a discussion and prototyping in pairs in breakout rooms. The participants tackled widespread topics from smart measuring of household chores division, to breastfeeding and personal safety devices.

More recently, on 11 April 2021, the Danish partners hosted the fourth meeting this time focusing on 3D printing. In this session, participants were provided with a short presentation and got acquainted with how to 3D print at the BetaFactory 3D machines.

More updates to come! Stay tuned!


16 April 2021
Samuel Almeida
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