The four projects funded under the H2020 DT-FOF-05-2019 – Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering topic – iPRODUCE, OpenNext, DIY4U, and INEDIT, are jointly organising next 22 April 2021 the collaborative event titled ‘Open Innovation for collaborative production engineering‘.

In this online event, the four sister projects will take the opportunity to present their work plan and how open innovation is embedded within their projects, which will be followed by an open discussion on motivations and challenges, as well as the sustainability of open innovation in the future.

We welcome you to join us for:

  • Awareness for Open Innovation applications and their future development
  • Networking opportunities
  • Opportunities for engagement with the projects

Join our open innovation journey by registering here. See you there!

6 April 2021
Samuel Almeida
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iPRODUCE participating in the Maker Faire Galicia

iPRODUCE participating in the Maker Faire Galicia

iPRODUCE will be present at this year’s Maker Faire Galicia, represented by partner Océano Naranja, and will participate with a talk titled “Maker and fablabs spaces, a meeting point also between companies and the users of their products?” As suggested by the title,...

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