iPRODUCE is running a stakeholder survey open to makers, makerspaces, fab labs, industry and consumers. We’re looking to understand stakeholders’ knowledge, perceptions and interests across a variety of topics and concepts deeply rooted in the project.

Participate in the survey here: https://ec.europa.eu/eusurvey/runner/iPRODUCESurvey2020#page0

With this survey we aim at collecting information regarding people’s, makers’ and manufacturers’ perceptions, opinions and needs regarding the maker movement, collaborative manufacturing and co-creation schemes between individual makers, consumers and manufacturing enterprises.

The objectives of iPRODUCE are threefold:

(1) bring Manufacturers, Makers and Consumer communities (MMCs) closer at the local level;
(2) engage these communities into joint co-creation challenges for the manufacturing of new consumer products and the introduction of novel engineering and production (eco) systems;
(3) provide practices, methods and tools that both makers and manufacturing companies (specifically SMEs) will be able to employ;

All data collected is anonymous and will be used exclusively for the purposes of the project.

Share your thoughts with us! We look forward to your feedback.

2 April 2020
Samuel Almeida
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