Abstract: The iPRODUCE Content Marketing and Growth Hacking Playbook 2 is the second version of a living document that details the strategy for promotion and outreach through the marketing of project content, growth of the project and its target groups through development and absorption of knowledge, and the dissemination of results. This second version revisits and analyses the project’s main target groups; channels, tools and activities for implementing the strategy; role of partners; timeline; and how the consortium will monitor and assess the impact of its efforts. It also details additional activities to be implemented in the second half of the project to further build the cMDF ecosystem. The deliverable concludes with an overview of the main updates to the strategy.

June 2021

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Final Spanish cMDF video

Final Spanish cMDF video

Learn more about the Spanish cMDF, including their target areas, how to interact with them using the OpIS tools, and results of the Spanish competitions.

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