Abstract: This report outlines the concept, methodology, main steps and actions that underpin the iPRODUCE work towards the stakeholder engagement and ecosystem establishment in the pilot areas (cMDFs) of Spain, Germany, France, Italy, Denmark and Greece. Based on the scope of each cMDF at the local level, tailor-made engagement strategies are developed to address the needs and interests of different stakeholder groups. These strategies are supported by a suite of actions and events that will be deployed in each cMDF. Moreover, a specific strategy implementation plan with measurable targets is set for each cMDF, including the processes, procedures, tools, and techniques that will be used to effectively engage the local communities. Finally, a monitoring and evaluation framework is defined to ensure the optimal implementation of these strategies as well as the deployment of any mitigation actions, if necessary.

June 2021

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Final Spanish cMDF video

Final Spanish cMDF video

Learn more about the Spanish cMDF, including their target areas, how to interact with them using the OpIS tools, and results of the Spanish competitions.

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