Abstract: The report presents the main findings of the iPRODUCE Task2.1 survey, aiming to capture insights about maker spaces’ acceptance, main drivers, and barriers. The survey was conducted in the project’s 6 cMDFs pilot countries, capturing main outcomes regarding general EU citizens’, makers’ and manufacturers’ perceptions, needs and potential differences. The report is structured as follows: Section 1 provides a short description of the context that motivated the project and introduces the main research questions that guided this study. Section 2 presents a literature review regarding the main drivers, barriers, and challenges of maker spaces, in order to present the current state-of-the-art in the field of social manufacturing. Section 3 includes all information related to the survey design and the implementation. In Section 4, we present some initial descriptive findings closely related to individual perceptions and levels of acceptance and highlight any significant variations between different EU areas. This section also includes the main statistical analysis of the dataset by including the outcomes of the factor analysis and logit model that we have built. Summary of key findings, conclusions and further discussion are presented in Section 5.

September 2020
Lead: White Research (WR)

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