Abstract: Report D2.4 Co-creation and Open Innovation Methods for Social Manufacturing presents the results of Task 2.3 Mapping and Assessment of Co-creation and Open Innovation Methods, Tools and Practices. The report delivers a knowledge base of methods, tools and approaches supported by a thorough literature review, definitions and assessment of Co-creation, Co-Production and Open Innovation tools, including the definitions of Design Thinking and generative design, as well as an initial overview of current materials lifecycle management approaches to be explored and exploited throughout iPRODUCE upcoming tasks and activities.

June 2020
Lead: CBS

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D10.4 | Report on Cooperation Activities

Abstract: This deliverable is a report on the cooperation activities carried out within iPRODUCE between M1 (January) and M12 (December 2020). The cooperation activities are presented from two perspectives: the cooperation activities carried out are addressed from two...

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D2.6 | iPRODUCE Social Manufacturing Vision and Reference Model

Abstract: The objective of this deliverable is to elaborate on and integrate the results provided by iPRODUCE deliverables D2.1, D2.3, D2.4 and from Task 2.4 “Defining the Local Collaborative MDFs, Use-Cases, Innovation Challenges and KPIs” into a holistic visionary...

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