Abstract: This deliverable reports the results of the activities carried out by M18 in Task 2.5 of WP2 of the iPRODUCE project. In this deliverable, it is presented an overview of the main EU survey findings. It also provides an overview of the proposed social manufacturing framework. It includes the structure that local cMDFs and ecosystems can adapt to. Finally, it presents the interconnection between the software components in relation to the user perspective is illustrated.

June 2021

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Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce, a creative-person, who's interested in building a go-kart. Join Bruce as he embarks on the iPRODUCE journey and takes advantage of its social manufacturing framework and collaborative and open innovation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-IX7QFdEA

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