Abstract: This task aims at creating a repertory of the existing manufacturing capacity, reinforcing it where machine or technology is lacking to enter the iPRODUCE platform. The deliverable will consist of two parts: The first part will be a thorough review of each cMDFs’ technology and equipment, which is already being used as well as the actual production capacity, both in terms of machine and workforce. Secondly, we will link the cMDF equipment to their Use Cases and the need of their ecosystem to deduce the missing equipment, establishing a reinforcement strategy.

June 2021

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Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce, a creative-person, who's interested in building a go-kart. Join Bruce as he embarks on the iPRODUCE journey and takes advantage of its social manufacturing framework and collaborative and open innovation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-IX7QFdEA

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