Abstract: The deliverable D9.1 is the result of the work regarding the shaping of the evaluation methodology definition for the six cMDFs (collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities), concretely, the execution of the validation and feedback to the developers for incremental improvement, the measurement of the usability and the reporting of results following a common Evaluation framework. Consequently, the WP defines the evaluation methodology along with the components to be used in the Open Innovation Space (OpIS) and the evaluation activities to be carried out at each of the six cMDFs for the OpIS validation. Within WP9 the core functionalities and co-creation tools of OpIS will be validated demonstrating the value of the platform for the cMDFs assessing the impact of the iPRODUCE Social Manufacturing Framework. In addition to the validation of the OpIS tools and services against the use cases, a comparable approach but at local and network level will be taken into account.

December 2020

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Final Spanish cMDF video

Final Spanish cMDF video

Learn more about the Spanish cMDF, including their target areas, how to interact with them using the OpIS tools, and results of the Spanish competitions.

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