Abstract: This document reports the results of the activities carried out by M18 within the context of WP7 (Sharing Economy Business Models and Execution Tools), particularly in the Task 7.4 “IPR & Transaction Management Strategies & Automation”. IPR Management strategies, Blockchain technologies and frameworks have been investigated in order to reinforce the Design Thinking processes of product co-creation. In addition, the architecture and functional overview of the IPR Authoring Tool has been defined and presented.

June 2021

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Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce and his iPRODUCE journey

Meet Bruce, a creative-person, who's interested in building a go-kart. Join Bruce as he embarks on the iPRODUCE journey and takes advantage of its social manufacturing framework and collaborative and open innovation. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5-IX7QFdEA

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