The Eurobrico Fair – “Feria Internacional del Bricolaje” – took place at the Feria Valencia between 4-6 October 2022.

The Eurobrico fair brings together relevant national actors: large and medium-sized stores, cooperatives, purchasing groups, proximity stores, large chains, makers, and others, all from sectors related to DIY, gardens, hardware and decoration. It is an important event where exhibitors can offer their products to potential customers with national purchasing power and large international stores.

Participating in this event was an important opportunity for iPRODUCE, through AIDIMME, to introduce the iPRODUCE Open Innovation Space to possible newcomers to the Marketplace. At the event, iPRODUCE promotional videos showcasing the tools were displayed at the iPRODUCE booth. Furthermore, AIDIMME presented two use cases as a result of the co-design products inside the Spanish cMDF: (1) The smart headboard with translucent stone, led lights, aromatherapy, music, environmental sensors, and touch screen with software that controls all of the electronics together; and (2) 3D printed components that can be used to create structures.

The event served to create awareness about iPRODUCE project tools and OpIS platform and of course about the Spanish cMDF activities in the project. By engaging with visitors at the booth, it was possible to demonstrate the project’s value proposition, supported on the project videos. Visitors included representatives from different industries, including construction, innovation, energy, chemical, commercial, as well as students.

20 December 2022
Samuel Almeida
Online iPRODUCE Hackathon results

Online iPRODUCE Hackathon results

The iPRODUCE Hackathon ran from Thursday 20 April - Saturday 22 April 2023 and took place at locations of the project’s five cMDF as well as fully online. Today we focus on the activities and winners of the online participants. The online teams participated in the...

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