On 5 December 2022, iPRODUCE and its sister projects – INEDIT, OPEN!NEXT, and DIY4U – met up in Aachen (Germany) for a 1-day event with the objective of knowledge exchange, discussing future synergies, and pathways for the sustainability of the projects.

Hosted by the Institute for Industrial Management (FIR) at RWTH Aachen University, partner in the INEDIT project, iPRODUCE was represented by its coordinator Manuel Sánchez (AIDIMME), Isabel Froes (CBS), and Charalampos Tsotakis (CERTH).

The morning session included an open panel discussion involving all four projects that each presented a brief summary of their project objectives and results to date. As the four projects are in the final months of their workplan, this was a useful opportunity to discuss the outcomes achieved and how the results can be widely used by the different stakeholder groups. Still in the morning, Laszlo Hetey from the European Commission, the Project Officer of the sister projects, delivered a presentation focusing on project exploitation (and sustainability) pathways that each project individually or jointly could follow. Lastly, there was also a presentation by the local NCP that presented some relevant upcoming opportunities of interest to all projects.

In the afternoon, the four projects discussed key topics related to exploitation challenges and opportunities post project completion. The active discussion led to a set of tasks, which the present projects partners have agreed to collaborate on in the coming months. Besides making the results more visible, the tasks’ outcomes should also help increase the visibility of the platforms and other projects’ results.

Participants of the Aachen meeting


Isabel Froes (CBS) presenting iPRODUCE

22 December 2022
Samuel Almeida
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