The iPRODUCE consortium consists of several partners that are well known in the #DIY, #Fablab, and #maker communities, to name a few. Creativity and innovation is part of their work ethics. The current health situation that affects us all has led many partners to adapt and rise to the occasion, and deliver solutions in the fight against COVID-19.

Today we highlight the work of partner AidPlex, an iPRODUCE project partner based in Thessaloniki, Greece.

AidPlex is an active member of Greek volunteer action COVID-19 Response Greece, and has worked and contributed towards the development of protective gear. This includes, for example, the development and mass production of two types of protective face shield. In late March, the volunteer action distributed more than 3,000 face shields to the Thessaloniki Medical Association and another 1,200 were ready to be delivered to Greek Medical Associations and Hospitals that are engaged with the volunteer action.

In early April, the number of face shields developed and distributed was more than 15,000, a result of the hard work of the COVID-19 Response Greece volunteers. After three weeks of intense efforts, more than 30,000 face shields had made their way across multiple Greek cities and to more than 70 groups from different medical associations, hospitals and others.

The face shield is one of several projects being run by the COVID-19 Response Greece action. This project aims to make the design of protective gear open source and available to everyone that has relevant production facilities, under the license terms of Creative Commons (4.0 International License) Attribution-NonCommercial. More information on the face shield project, coordinated by Dimitrios Moustakas from AidPlex, can be found here.


AidPlex is a MedTech startup aiming at disrupting the orthopedics sector. AidPlex’s mission is to provide the best possible solutions for orthopedic problems such as fractures, back and orthotics problems by bringing new designs and new materials to the industry.

28 April 2020
Samuel Almeida
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