The German cMDF-promoted online-workshop series “Innovations from the Home-Office” continued on 18 August 2020. It was the fourth online session with key stakeholders from the German cMDF.

Having attracted SMEs and maker spaces, partner Fraunhofer FIT gave a brief introduction into design thinking as an innovation method for SME. Afterwards, partner MakerSpace Bonn showed in an interactive format how to use the free CAD program Tinkercad for product design. In a hands-on experience, the participants designed and individualised their own products, such as name tags and curve flatteners that will be 3D printed by the Makerspace Bonn.

The workshop is expected to continue in a bi-monthly format, with upcoming topics and dates currently being discussed. Stay tuned to the iPRODUCE website and social media for more information.

26 August 2020
Samuel Almeida
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German cMDF holds its fifth online workshop

German cMDF holds its fifth online workshop

What do agile product design, x-mas and 3D printing have in common? On 28 October 2020, the German cMDF invited SMEs, makers and consumers to an X-Mas special of the online-workshop series “Innovations from the makerspace”. This time, the topic coverd 3D-printing for...

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