iPRODUCE partners Information Technologies Institute (ITI) of the Centre of Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH) and the startup company AidPlex will co-organize the 1st on-line workshop on the Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing Technologies under Greek Social Manufacturing.

The workshop will be held online, next 18 January 2021 (10h00 – 13h30 CET). Save the date – and join using the following link.

The event will bring together Greek Key 3D printing Manufacturers, Makers, Makerspaces and Scientific community to showcase ongoing work and existing practices within the domain of social manufacturing and discuss, network and facilitate a collaborative manufacturing environment.

The workshop revolutionizes co-creation and co-design on Additive Manufacturing & 3D Printing for applications as in Robotics, Health Care, Automotive, Agile tools, Arts, Smart Autonomous Systems etc. all contributing to the Circular Economy and Digital Transformation of industry, economy and society.

The workshop agenda will be organised in two main sessions:

  • Session 1: EU Horizon 2020 & NSRF Projects (Chaired by: Dr. Ria Pechlivani, CERTH-ITI)
  • Session 2: Best Greek SMEs Paradigms on Social Manufacturing (Chaired by: D. Moustakas, AidPlex)

The full preliminary agenda can be found here.

14 December 2020
Samuel Almeida
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