iPRODUCE has kicked off!

The new iPRODUCE project – “A Social Manufacturing Framework for Streamlined Multi- stakeholder Open Innovation Missions in Consumer Goods Sectors ” held its kick off meeting in January. The 20-partner consortium gathered in Valencia, Spain for two full days to discuss in detail the objectives and work plan of this new 36-month project, funded by the European Commission.

Running until the end of 2022, iPRODUCE will focus on developing a novel social manufacturing platform to enable multi-stakeholder interaction and collaboration to support user- driven open-innovation and co-creation.

Social interaction, innovation and creation are at the heart of the project, which will carry out several activities, including through the mobilisation of six collaborative manufacturing demonstration facilities, where the social manufacturing framework will be piloted.

Join us in delivering our vision that will support manufacturers, makers, consumers and others in the development of improved solutions to deliver new consumer goods.

1 April 2020
Samuel Almeida
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