iPRODUCE organised its first general event on 26 November 2020. Under the title ‘The Social Manufacturing Paradigm: co-creating with manufacturers, makerspaces and consumers’, the event aimed to highlight and promote a discussion regarding the role of makers and consumers in the social manufacturing landscape, which fosters – as has been made visible by iPRODUCE – the participation of individuals alongside the industry in the manufacturing of consumer goods.

The event was organised into four parts: (1) an introduction of the project and some of the results achieved, namely regarding survey results presented in deliverable D2.1 and the project’s foundations for a social manufacturing framework (as addressed in deliverable D2.6); (2) two keynote speeches, one delivered by David Cuartielles and the other by César García; (3) a round of presentations from two projects iPRODUCE has engaged in collaboration with: Pop-Machina and OPENNEXT; and (4) a virtual round table, promoting a discussion on selected questions and those from the event participants. [Presentations in the links]

A total of 68 people participated in the event, the large majority of individuals coming from the academia/research community; start-ups/SMEs from other areas; industry/ manufacturers and maker communities.

From the first keynote intervention (by David Cuartielles), it can be highlighted that, for example, governance is one of the most relevant elements to consider in establishing platforms, and that the sustainability of such a platform depends on the governance established. Any platform can be extended and adapted. However, when a turning point emerges, the model to be adopted and the objectives to pursue must be very well defined. In the second keynote (César García), it was emphasized that the act of creating and making is what drives people, being the presentation centred on this idea.

From the collaboration sessions, which gave stage to the Pop-Machina and OPENNEXT projects, the presentations mainly focused on presenting the project concept, activities and impact, and also some specific particularities of the maker-related activities of the projects. It can also be noted that these two projects are also addressing relevant concepts related to safety and standardisation, for example, which are of particular importance in iPRODUCE and can be a point for future cooperative discussions.

iPRODUCE thanks everyone that joined the session and looks forward to having you in our upcoming events!

Check the related press release here.

1 December 2020
Samuel Almeida
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