iPRODUCE partners CERTH, namely its Additive Manufacturing Unit (AMU) within the Information Technologies Institute (ITI), participated on 25 September 2021 in the “1821-2021… Through the eyes of the children” event, organised by the Union of Parents and Guardians of Primary Education under the Municipality of Chalkidona, in Greece. The event aimed to celebrate the 200 years since the Greek Revolution of 1821.

One session of the event was co-organised by CERTH with the objective of promoting the co-design & co-creation activities through 3D printing that the Greek cMDF provides in the framework of iPRODUCE. A live demonstration of a 3D printing process was presented by the scientific team of CERTH, showcasing the ongoing work and existing practices within the domain of Additive Manufacturing technologies. Additionally, the use case scenario of the 3D Printed Smart Luminous Artefacts and the OpIS platform was presented, using videos, and by displaying the most fundamental tools, such as the AR/VR toolkit and Ricardian toolkit.

A leaflet was used to introduce the project and raise awareness on digital tools and digital manufacturing by promoting the concept of co-design and initiating co-creation activities, and enhance educational and cultural heritage fields by incorporating 3D printing and AR/VR technologies.

The event was attended by more than 150 participants, including attendees form the local and regional ecosystem, such as students (from high school, middle school and fifth & sixth grade elementary schools), teachers/ educators, parents and representatives from guardians’ associations, researchers and local stakeholders.

1 October 2021
Samuel Almeida
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