iPRODUCE partners CERTH, namely its Additive Manufacturing Unit (AMU) within the Information Technologies Institute (ITI), participated in the 2nd Thessaloniki Design Week on 13-17 October 2021, under the main theme of Innovation Design. This 2nd edition focused on the innovation, ingenuity and experience of the creative manpower and entrepreneurship of the city and the country, in line with international trends, aiming at redefining and developing every aspect of our lives, from economy and production to the environment and health, through the design of – large and small scale – products and services.

CERTH participated in the event and respective exhibition with a dedicated booth, where it provided a live demonstration of their ongoing work and existing practices within the domain of Additive Manufacturing and Augmented and Virtual Reality technologies. Among them, the use case scenarios from Greek cMDF such as the 3D Printed Smart Luminous Artefacts and the 3D Printed (Bio) Scaffolds under the OpIS platform were presented.

The event attracted more than 250 participants, including attendees from the local and regional ecosystem, such as artists, designers, hobbyists, makers, Fablabs, industries, researchers and local stakeholders.

25 October 2021
Samuel Almeida
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