iPRODUCE partner Siemens AG, through its Technology Department (Siemens T) is leading the development of the Generative Design Platform.

The completed Generative Design Platform (GDP) will promote Generative Design techniques through the implementation of parametric modelling and application of genetic algorithms for both “makers” (engineers, designers, manufacturers) and consumers and advance suitable User Interfaces (UI) to do so. 

Generative Design will be used to engineer the 3D models in FabLabs using typical additive manufacturing constraints such as material consumption and stability. It will also be offered to consumers as a means to personalise their product, by giving the system the parameters of the manufacturing product line as constraints, but letting the user influence the unconstrained solution space.

The completed platform will contribute to the open innovation process by being a part of co-design methodologies and tools that help to bring together a wide range of relevant stakeholders. 

The specific UI of the GDP will shape the collective co-design of products for diverse areas of consumer products. Its evaluation will be performed using the different use cases that are part of the iPRODUCE project.Generative Design Platform

21 July 2022
Samuel Almeida
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