The Centre for Research and Technology Hellas (CERTH), one of the iPRODUCE project partners, developed the cMDF training platform, a software tool that bundles two subcomponents:

    • cMDF Training View and 
    • cMDF Training Flow

The cMDF Training View is the software tool capable of navigating the bundle that is the output of the cMDF Training Flow. It has the capability to navigate the procedure step by step, following sequences, loops, and conditions included in it. 

By doing this, it delivers the content which has been previously managed and included as a resource by the cMDF Training Flow. The content delivered could depend both on the capabilities of the platform (for example, the user will be exposed to video, sound, images, 3D models, etc.). Furthermore, the user has the opportunity to choose the best content that fits their personal needs among the contents that can be deployed and delivered in the platform they are actually using.

Key features of the cMDF Training View are: 

a) High scalability on physical Android devices; 

b) Large number of presentation modes (e.g. in Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Text only, Hybrid, etc.). 

Additionally, the cMDF Training Flow allows the conversion of the original training procedures, often described with different formalisms, into a new format, called AR OP (Augmented Reality Operating Procedure) ready to be used by the cMDF Training View developed to support training environments. 

The cMDF Training Flow provides functionalities designed to manually describe a new AR OP by a dedicated approach. This tool supports the technical actor, who is in charge of the new AR OP creation, by providing them with powerful wizards, resources and inventory management, node-based UI to describe the structure and properties of each operation, step, action and relationship, etc.

The cMDF training platform

21 July 2022
Samuel Almeida
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