From 20 June to 22 June, the ICE-IAMOT 22 conference took place in Nancy, France🇫🇷.

This conference was a joint event organised by the International Conference of Engineering (ICE) and the International Association for Management of Technology (IAMOT), on the topic of “Technology, Engineering, and Innovation Management Communities as Enablers for Social-Ecological Transitions”.

IPRODUCE, together with the INEDIT, OPEN-NEXT, DIY4U and DIGIERRIN projects, organised a whole day workshop on “Open innovation, technologies & communities as enablers of socio-economical transition”, which was attended by approximately 250 participants.

In the first part of the workshop, the projects described their approaches and achievements so far, while in the second part the focus was on how the practices and actions put in place by the projects could transform industry and territories, starting with the development of new Manufacturing Demonstration Facilities (MDFs). 

Manuel Sánchez from AIDIMME and Jérémy Keller from MATERALIA presented the cMDF (collaborative Manufacturing Demonstration Facility) approach from iPRODUCE. In the afternoon session at the Octroi space, Elie Abou Assis from Fablab VOSGES, demonstrated some of the outcomes of the initial operation of the French cMDF, showcasing the iPRODUCE’s video ( and networking with the more than 30 organisations illustrating their open innovation ventures.

During 3 days, the main focus of the event was on how management of technology, engineering and innovation can contribute to the social-ecological transitions covering not only product and process, but also changes in user practices, markets, policy, regulations, culture, infrastructure, lifestyle and management of firms. Several topics were discussed. Among them:

  • R&D, 
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship, 
  • Intrapreneurship strategy and processes, 
  • Technology Foresight and Forecasting, 
  • Service Design and Engineering, 
  • Industry 4.0: Digital Innovation management, 
  • Responsible research and innovation, 
  • Innovation in Education and Learning, 
  • Green Tech and New business model for Sustainability and Resilience, 
  • Regional competitiveness policy and smart specialisation strategies.

The conference was hosted by Université de Lorraine and organised by the ENSGSI (Engineering School on Innovation Systems) and the ERPI (Research Group on Innovative processes), and was a successful event, attracting more than 3500 attendants.


11 July 2022
Samuel Almeida
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