In November 2021, the German cMFD, consisting of Fraunhofer FIT, MakerSpace Bonn and ZENIT GmbH, performed their Service Offering (Live-Prototyping Workshop) with Rossbach-Wojtun, an SME with approximately 10 employees. The Live-Prototyping Service consisted of two in-person meetings. 

During the first meeting, the CEO of the company was present and hosted a tour within its premises. There was also time for an ideation and prioritisation session. The second meeting took place at the premises of MakerSpace Bonn. The company was given a tour of the space, received a deep-dive consultation on 3Dprinting technology and was able to test-print an object. 

The CEO of Rossbach-Wojtun showed interest in further contributing to improving the Service offered by the German CMDF. Thus, the company was also invited to the Fraunhofer FIT facilities, to further discuss a new vision and new ideas for this Service.

This additional meeting was very beneficial for the iPRODUCE project, as based on its outcomes there was a redefinition of this particular workshop. There was also an improvement on the communication materials, to better express to the customers what they may expect.


10 February 2022
Samuel Almeida
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