The iPRODUCE project is now running its second round of Open Competitions.

The objective of this activity is to foster stakeholder engagement by allowing for creative ideas and innovative solutions to be explored and implemented within the framework of iPRODUCE. All of this is done by following the principles of open and collaborative innovation. 

The general concept of Open Competition is divided into several specific competitions, each associated with a cMFD. Participants are invited to review the challenges and topics defined for each cMDF competition and submit their ideas and solutions accordingly.

The Open Competition aims to support the development of these ideas and solutions (e.g. project/ product) in an open and collaborative way by providing the applicants with the tools and support to materialise them.

Awarded contestants will be provided with visibility to their ideas or solutions and, depending on their maturity, marketing and commercialisation support may be provided (e.g., matchmaking services, funding opportunities). Prizes are defined within each specific cMDF competition.

The Open Competitions will be accepting applications from 7 February 2022 until 30 March 2022. The delivery of the prize will run until the end of May 2022. Exact dates are defined within the scope of each specific cMDF competition and individual guidelines.

To apply or know more about this, please visit:

22 February 2022
Samuel Almeida
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Online iPRODUCE Hackathon results

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