iPRODUCE partner Energy@Work (E@W) is responsible for the development and design of the Usable and Agile Data Analytics and Visualisation Suite, starting from the requirements concerning big data analytics deployment to final deployment. 

The Usable and Agile Data Analytics and Visualization Suite provides the possibility for makers and producers to obtain decision support for their activities thanks to the dashboard for interactive data insight visualization.

This component provides modern business analytics on the data relative to the behaviours of the different users of the OpIS platform. Features such as:

  • data aggregation,
  • mash-up, data/text mining, and
  • advanced data visualization

enable comprehensive support for rich and multi-source data analysis. In particular, many of these operations will be performed on the back-end side by the data clustering and analytics engine component that will include all the modules related to data processing, feature engineering, data clustering and labelling, model training and validation.

2 February 2022
Samuel Almeida
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