The current health situation caused by COVID-19 has led many organisations across the world to (re-)adapt, many of which finding innovate ways to support the fight against this pandemic. As we’ve proudly highlighted before, many of our partners are well know actors in the #DIY, #Fablab, and #maker community domains, and have also leveraged their capacity in the fight against COVID-19.

We’ve showcased the efforts of our partner AidPlex before, in this news piece. Today, we highlight the work of partner Makerspace Bonn.

MakerSpace Bonn established a very dynamic COVID-19 task force, which delivered solutions according to different needs identified. When the task force identified that 3D-printed valves and adapters were crucial to save lives, they focused on developing those materials. They also identified a shortage of ventilators, crucial to support hospitalised patients, and therefore cooperated with doctors in the design of ventilators. They contributed to the development of an improved concept for the design and production of valves for ventilators, which will required in the current and post-COVID-19 period.

Their efforts also turned to the development of face masks and shields. Having contributed to the production of more than 5,000 masks, many of these having been donated to the homeless, those with low incomes, and refugees. Furthermore, the MakerSpace Bonn task force also contributed with more than 1,000 3D-printed face shields. Having partnered with Bosch, the output has increased to approximately 10,000 face shields.


The MakerSpace Bonn is part of the global Maker community and movement. MakerSpace Bonn is a fab lab and innovation hub located in Bonn and open to all citizens. It is a place where one can come, meet like-minded people, makers, experts, beginners, helpers, teachers and be creative, help oneself and create things that bring added value to the individual or the whole society.

20 May 2020
Samuel Almeida
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