iPRODUCE has recently finalised a in-depth report that aimed to gain insights on the main drivers that boost the acceptance of maker spaces and collaborative production projects. The report also outlines possible barriers and gaps that have been found to limit the wider acceptance of these initiatives.

This information and the supporting analysis is the result of a large survey that targeted iPRODUCE’s six pilot countries (i.e. Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Italy and Spain).

With over 850 respondents, the focus was steered on identifying and analysing stakeholders’ awareness levels, needs, drivers and barriers with regard to their engagement in social manufacturing, as well as capturing potential differences in perceptions between the project’s pilot countries and stakeholder groups.

The data collected through the survey has allowed for descriptive analysis and advanced inferential analytics (e.g. modelling, conjoint analysis, segmentation algorithms), which were applied to explore relations, patterns, and potential groupings, producing meaningful intelligence that can feed into other activities of the project.

We welcome you to read the report here.

28 September 2020
Samuel Almeida
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