Component owner: ICE

A digital twin is a virtual replica of real-world objects. The Digital Twin Development Tool Kit is designed to simplify the process of creating these digital twins and provide users with a powerful set of tools for managing and manipulating these digital models.

The main benefit of the Digital Twin Development Tool Kit is that it allows users to replicate the physical behaviour of their corresponding objects within a digital environment. Users can simulate a particular object’s behaviour under different conditions. By creating a digital twin, users can better understand how their physical object work and test different scenarios to optimise its performance. Another key advantage of the Digital Twin Development Tool Kit is that it allows users to store and share their digital twins with others. Moreover, digital twins developed by the tool kit let you visualise and predict how a product will appear and operate, even before physically manufacturing it. Also, using a digital twin, activities can be simulated on a small scale and learned before they are used on a large scale without wasting any resources or damaging any equipment.

The Digital Twin Development Toolkit is composed of four main components.

  • The 3D Model View, which provides a visual representation of the digital twin in a 3D world.
  • The Grafana Dashboard, which allows for the monitoring and analysis of data related to the digital twin.
  • The BPMN Sequencer, which enables the automation and control of processes within the digital twin
  • Live video feed of the corresponding physical machine, allowing for the real-time comparison and correlation of the digital twin with its physical counterpart.

 These components work together to provide a comprehensive and efficient tool for the development of digital twins.

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