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The aim of the Agile Data Analytics tool aims to present the heterogeneous and unformatted data generated by all of the OpIS platform tools, in a straightforward and easy to understand way, by extracting hidden information and comparing the features of products, teams and users of the platform.

The tool offers a variety of pie charts, histograms, scatter plots and line charts created to analyse deep data related to the OpIS platform’s usage.

The Agile Data Analytics tool presents the following functionalities:

  • Clear and formatted data in order to present visually appealing graphs
  • Highlight of new links and information not immediately understandable at first
  • Cross analyses and statistics on products’ materials and equipment used to craft them, and related prices
  • Display of the likes and views of other users on the MarketPlace 
  • Plots the locations of the users registered on the platform on a world map and displays the teams created to make products.

By making use of these functionalities, a user is able to analyse other competitors’ products by comparing their features and prices with the ones of his own products, as a support to future decisions. He can also see how many likes and views the products he is interested in have received on the Marketplace. He can also check if a single team is active and productive to eventually join, and review their surveys’ answers to analyse the feedback received by his collaborating partners.


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