Component owner: CERTH

The IPR Authoring Tool serves as a crucial component that enables all participants in the iPRODUCE ecosystem (consumers, designers, and manufacturers) to protect their co-creation activities and outcomes using an IPR management solution. This tool provides legal protection from the outset of the prototyping stage, allowing them to proceed with the co-creation and finalisation process without any obstacles or restrictions. By utilizing the IPR Authoring Tool, iPRODUCE users can confidently and securely engage in collaborative innovation, ensuring that all intellectual property rights are properly managed and protected throughout the entire co-creation process.

The IPR Authoring Tool offers the following features:

  •  Creation of a Ricardian Contract
  •  Collaborative editing of a Ricardian Contract, supported by teleconference tools
  •  Management(acceptance, rejection) of the available Ricardian Contracts

The IPR Authoring Tool provides the following benefits to users:

  • Legal Protection: The tool provides legal protection to users from the start of the prototyping stage, ensuring that their intellectual property rights are safeguarded.
  • Confidence in Co-creation: With the assurance of legal protection, users can engage in co-creation activities with confidence, knowing that their contributions are secure.

Collaborative Innovation: The tool enables users to engage in collaborative innovation without fear of losing control of their intellectual property rights.


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