Component owner: SIEMENS

The Generative Design Platform is a tool that aims to exploit and promote generative methods and algorithms. It intends to provide an intuitive and user-friendly access to design methodology for a number of user groups with less technical skills, so they can participate in the design proposals. It runs in a cloud infrastructure and offers a web-based frontend. It is integrated with the iPRODUCE OpIS data repository and can exchange designed layouts with other connected tools. 

The Generative Design Platform provides the following functionalities:

  • 3D Configurator uses computational algorithms that generate 3D designs out of users inputs corresponding to the selected values of input model parameters. This component exploits parametric modeling and contains a possibility to generate designs automatically based on the optimization targets settled by the user and based on a genetic algorithm.
  • 2D Layout planner allows to define  the layouts of rooms or other facilities (for example conference planning) to be filled with different assets. After the space is sketched and arranged with furniture or other items, it can be visualized in 3D view and the space properties can be analyzed.
  • Spatial Instructor provides a conversational user interface that understands human natural language (currently English) and creates 3D layouts out of simple shapes corresponding to the textual user inputs. It is intended to receive different types of the user inputs: simple commands, constraints, optimization requests.
  • Product management is an auxiliary component serving to connect the Generative Design Platform to the OpIS data repository for product exchange among iPRODUCE’ tools.

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